I Lost 3,552 Instagram Followers and I Couldn’t Be Happier

Yesterday has been dubbed the Instagram Rapture. Instagram deleted millions of inactive and spam accounts from their system. The carnage was across the board. The official Instagram, Instagram account lost a whopping 18,880,211 followers! One account (chiragchirag78) went from 3,660,468 followers to………8! Yes, a 99.9998% drop in followers. (Don’t bother looking for the account now. … [Read more…]

Thoughts on the State of Blogging at the End of 2014

Pam Mandel recently posted on Facebook and her blog about the state of blogging. I’ve honestly been trying to stay out of discussions of blogging, but I figured I’d write a rambling post giving some of my thoughts rather than writing a long rambling comment addressing some of the issues which were brought up. This … [Read more…]

Contests and Spending Social Capital

So, USA Today has been running a series of weekly contests for travel social media people where you vote for the best whatever. This week it was photography and I was put on the list. Hooray for me. It is nice to be recognized by an outlet as prestigious as USA Today. I’m here to … [Read more…]