May 2023 Podcast Report


Total Downloads: 1,022,439

Month-to-Month Growth: 1.99%

Year-to-Year Growth: 50.48%

Average Daily Downloads: 34,081.3

Month-to-Month Daily Growth: 1.02%

I pretty much called my shot last month with how this month would go. I figured growth was going to remain steady in May, and that is exactly what happened.

If I can mix my metaphors, 1% monthly growth is nothing to write home about, but it also isn’t anything to sneeze at.

If you look at the graph above, if you take out the big spike I had in January, there has still been steady growth.

However, as I’ve said over the last few months, I can do better, and now I’m ready to start turning things up on the podcast marketing front for the rest of the year.

Plans for marketing the show are still in the works and will be a process.

At first, I’ll probably be doing advertisements on podcast apps, which I have experience with.

Then I’ll probably be doing more paid feed drops and paid ads on other podcasts.

At some point, probably not this year, I might even investigate promotions outside of podcasts, but I need more data before I go down that path.

I’m guessing next month’s report will be far more interesting than the last few months have been.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.