Its 4:30pm, I’m sitting in the medical tower at the University of Minnesota. The biology class has a lecture hall in here. Its by FAR the largest class I’ve ever had, student-wise. There aren’t many biology classes on the Minneapolis campus, so if I want to take more in the future, it will be a pain in the ass.

My differential equations class is one of the more intense classes I’ve taken. 2 hours of lecture 5 days a week, and the lectures are boom-boom-boom. We have a midterm every week but 2 of this term, which gives you an idea of how much they cram into a month and a half. I’m sticking with the pass/fail option. There is no sense breaking my ass on a class I’m just taking for review and don’t even need to take.

I’m really tired. On tuesdays, my first class is at 9:00am and my last one gets out at 8:30pm. The books are killing my back. I’m officially giving up on carrying all of my textbooks except differential equations.

My biology class is also 80% female. The instructor is female. The imbalance between men and women in the natural vs life sciences is amazing. The one exception seems to be astronomy, where I’ve noticed more women than in straight physics or math.

There are a lot of fat people that work in the medical school. Go figure.

I also hate labs. I learn nothing. Unless they are lying to us in lecture and we are supposed to catch it in lab, its useless. They should have a non-lab version of some classes for those who don’t need the lab requirment.

I need to find a place on campus that is not the union to kill time between 12:05 and 5:00. My ass hurts. I got a parking pass now so I’ll probably leave campus for a bit and get a haircut or something.

By Gary

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