Expect a lot more updates over the next few months. From now until Aug 8, I have a five hour chunk of each day between classes where I have to sit on my ass.

I wish I had a locker on campus. I have a ton of heavy textbooks to lug around and it would be nice if I could dump them somewhere.

I’m taking a differential equations class pass/fail. I already have credit for the class I took at Macalester, but that was a long time ago and I want to take the class again. Here is the dilema: should I continue to take the class/pass fail, or take it A-F? If I get an A it will pad my GPA. If I get anything less than an A (including an A-), my GPA will drop. I took the class before, but honestly, it was one of my worst classes at Mac. I think I have a few weeks to commit to a grading scheme.

Their grading scheme seems a bit like a crap shoot. If you are going to offer a pass/fail option, I don’t know why it matters when you declare it. You should even be able to declare it post facto. Given you can’t take any classes in your major with the pass/fail option, and a limited number of credits total, it shouldn’t matter too much how they let you apply it.

Either eliminate the option, or don’t be stingy with its application.

My biology class will be interesting. Physics is pretty simple becuase its all just a small number of equations (so far) and simple vector addition. Biology has no real math or problem solving. Its memorization and concepts.

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