Props goes out to Mike Bietz and his debaters at Edina, John McNeil and Jed Glickstein, who won the National Tournament of Champsions and the NFL National Tournament this year in LD. Its the first time any school has won both tournaments in the same year in LD.

I’ve been around the activity for a long time now, and being part of a national championship is something that not everyone gets to do, either as a coach or as participant. When I went to Mac, they had just come off of winning two straight CEDA National Tournaments. I came close to being in finals my Junior year, but didn’t quite do it.

Its one of those things that if you can do it even once in your life, its something you can always look back on with pride, and if you never do it, its something which will probably always nag at you for the rest of your life.

Eastview also won both Foreign and Domestic Extemp at NFL Nationals, which is really impressive. Its nice to have a yardstick of local talent you can use to measure yourself by. If we can compete locally, we should have no problem on the national level.

By Gary

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