I do a good job of filtering most of my spam. Not too much gets by. I just got a spam that was the following: (This is verbatum and there was not attachment)

Tammie and I took pork chop behind deficit (with for customer, inside pocket.And mourn the dark side of her warranty.cigars remain green.Bbut they need to remember how greedily inside cargo bay returns home.

When you see inside bride, it means that about prime minister goes to sleep.Most fetishists believe that tea party around assimilate dolphin living with.

I have no idea why someone would take the effort to send this out. There isn’t a coherent thought, let alone a comprehensible english sentence in it. If this is what spam has been reduced to, I think we are close to winning. I can’t see too many people going out of their way to pay for mass emailing non sequitors.

I use SpamAssassin on the server side and the bayesian filtering in Thunderbird on the client side. The vast majority of Spam gets filtered before I can ever see it. I have no idea if false positives are getting stuck. Stuff like this gets through precisely because it has no content. Stuff that has no content however, doesn’t make for a good marketing.

By Gary

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My secondary e-mail account gets spam from “The Alliance Against Spam” now! 😐

On the server side, it gets deleted. On the client side, its put into my junk folder, which then gets deleted.

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