Its snowing, the roads are horrible, so I didn’t go in to practice tonight. I have some extra time and what a better way to fritter time than to update the site.

1) For the first time in years I managed to wear my size 36 jeans. I’m down a total of 25 pounds since I started the diet in November. I’m almost at the half way point. (Yeah, do the math) I can’t express how much my diet has improved. Most of my meals are eaten at home now. I used to never eat at home. By placing restrictions on what you eat, you eat better. 95% of the things you find in a convenience store you can’t eat (chips, cookies, Little Debbie, etc) I’ve started eating spinach and brussel sprouts as well as increased my intake of broccoli and asparagus. I eat about a salad per day. Yes, this is a low carb diet. A lot of my meat intake has been venison and fish from my dad, but supplies of that are running low.

Even when I get my weight were I want it, I can’t ever see going back to eating potatos, sugar, enriched flour, or white rice. The other day Bietz ordered some nachos and said he felt physically terrible afterwards. I’m already eating some low carb tortillas, but only a few per week. Kurtz is also on the diet and so far its pretty easy for him and it appears to be working.

2) Classes so far are going fine. I’m glad I took the Math class I did. Its an excellent re-introduction back into the world of math. I’m getting an A in both classes at this point, but that’s not saying much because we haven’t had a test yet. I’m confident I’ll perform well in both, however. As I outlined below, my physics courses will be sequential for a while, which means I have another class I can take for a few semesters. One idea has been to take more math classes and try to apply them to getting my Masters.

3) I got a copy of Mathematica. It rocks. I’m in awe of it. I want to install it on my laptop and my desktop. It will leave any graphing calculator in the dust. I’m still just playing around with it.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.