Baby, its cold outside

When I left the house today it was -17F. Right now, its -10, but thankfully the wind isn’t too bad. Forecast is supposed to get down to -20 to -25 tonight. None of these numbers are wind chill numbers. Its just that cold. If you factor in the wind, it could feel like -40 tonight.

There are people, who might be reading this, who have no clue what it means to be that cold. The thing is, it gets over 100 degrees here too. Its usually hotter in the south, but it can get that hot here too. Coldness, however, is something that we sort of have to ourselves. When the temp dips to freezing, people will go nuts in the south. The difference between freezing and what we have now is the difference between freezing and 80 degrees. Right now, freezing would feel like a heat wave. I’d run around naked if it was freezing right now.

I have to walk to class. Yippie.

By Gary

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It was something like 74 here on Sunday. That’s above zero, BTW. You’re welcome.

(that’s an ironic “you’re welcome” to Gary, not a response to Nate)

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