No Class

Enough of school talk…..

1) I finally got around to watching “Once Upon A Time in the West” last night. I think it might be the best western I’ve ever seen and probably on my list of greatest movies ever. Chock full of great one liners.

The DVD itself is one of the better transfers I’ve ever seen. The colors and the sound are outstanding.

2) Extempers had their first tournament this weekend. Performance wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. We still have a lot of work to do, but I’m confident we can make large strides.

3) We should be getting our ass handed to us with snow tonight and tomorrow.

4) Pete and I watched the Royal Rumble tonight. My speech kids just don’t get wrestling. I mentioned it and one of them said, as if on cue, “its so fake”. Well, duh. That’s not really the point. Movies are fake too, as is TV. If you get the chance, go see WWE live and sit as close as you can to the ring. Don’t think of it as ‘wrassling’, but as interactive physical performance art. The crowd is part of the artwork. The wrestlers perform morality plays….and toss each other through folding tables.

By Gary

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