I sat down and figured out what I’ll need to do to finish my major:

Summer 2004
-Physics I

Fall 2004
-Physics II

Spring 2005
-Physics III

Summer 2005
-Astrophysics I

Fall 2005
-Quantum Physics
-Quantum Physics Lab

Spring 2006
-Astrophysics II
-Analytical Mechanics

Summer 2006
-Electricity and Magetism
-Astro 5xxx

I’m making some big assumptions regarding course availability in the summer sessions. This summer is fine, but beyond Physics III, I could move everything around. 3-4 more physics classes beyond this and I get credit for a plain ol’ physics major too. Untill I finish Physics III, there aren’t any other classes I can take I can apply towards the major.

I also finally got a copy of Mathematica. Being a student has its perks. In fact, there are enough perks in being a student that its almost worthwhile to stay one forever just to get the benefits. (Really Cheap software, discounts, etc)

By Gary

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