Day 3

I’m stting on the floor of the commuter lounge. There is an amazing shortage of chairs in the union. This is on top of the shortage of outlets. Tuesdays and thursdays seem busier than wednesdays. I have no class on Friday.

Last night I did homework. I never did too much homework in college 1.0. Not only did I do homework, its not even due for a while.

My fears about this math class are pretty much gone. Most of the material I’ve had before in some form, and if I didn’t have it previously, I’m not worried about learning it in small chunks. If anything, this class might have been the perfect class to ease back into things.

I’ll probably be taking a class or two this summer. Physics I for sure. I don’t need anymore math for the Astro Phy major, and all my classes are bottlenecked by physics. I can’t take Astro 2001 till I at least take Physics III. The issue for me isn’t the raw number of classes, its the sequence. I could take some jackoff CLA classes.

Its noon and I got class in 20 min. Got to go and brave the -3 degree weather.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.