Walt Disney is rolling over in his frozen grave

Day 3

On Monday, we went to Animal Kingdom in the morning. The idea behind Animal Kingdom is a good one, but the implementation isn’t very good. The park is small, there aren’t as many attractionas as there are in other parks, its crowded, and there seems to be more souviner and food sales than anything else. The park also closes earlier than the other parks.

We ended up just leaving in the afternoon because of the lines. I did do the Dinosaur ride, which was OK, and that was about it. They have a new Everest roller coaster, but we didn’t get to try it.

Once problem Disney World has compared to parks like Six Flags, is that they are compelled to over theme everything. They can’t just build a cool roller coaster. They have to link it to a movie, an animated character, give it to imagaineers to make it look like something else, and then link a large gift shop to it. As a result, the rides they have usually aren’t as fun as a Six Flags type ride, and usually cost a helluva lot more.

We had dinner at the Grand Floridian, which was pretty good. Not as good as the France pavillion, but more than passible. I’m not sure if my caloric gain from this trip has been greater than what I’ve burned from walking.

At night we went to the MGM studios because it was opened after hours for people staying at the resorts. Unfortunately, they shut down all the cool rides so it was sort of stupid.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are as many electric scooters being driven by the old and obese as there are strollers for children. Part of this is just a matter of demographics. People are getting old. (We met one guy on a scooter that had more gold Disney pins around his neck than Mr T. He is retired, lives nearby, and visits Disney World EVERY DAY) Mostly, its people who just refuse to walk. Some I’ve seen were my age. If your on one of these scooters, its not like being in a wheelchair. You can walk. The people I’ve seen go to amazing contortions with their scooters to not walk. They drive it in a restaurant, knock over chairs and tables, rather than park it outside and walk 20 feet to their table.

They are great for some eldery people, but the majority of people driving these things really don’t need them.

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