Its a small, small world…..and I’m going to find that out first hand

Day 4

I was alone most of today. I woke up to get to Epoct by 9 so I could take the backstage tour of the World Showcase, but found out when I got there that I needed to reserve a spot before hand. (BTW, why is it that people from NY/NJ are all dicks?)

I wound up walking around, going all the way to the Boardwalk and the Swan/Dolphin hotel, before coming back to Epcot to go on the Soarin’ ride. Soarin’ is a new attraction at Epcot which simulates a hang glider flight over California. Its a curved screen of IMAX height, and your elevated to the middle of the screen to make it seem like your flying. Its not bad, but they had too many edits and tried to cram too much into one short ride.

Epcot Hydroponics

I also did the backstage tour of the The Land exhibit, where they show you how the hydroponic gardens are run. This is really (to me at least) the really entertaining part of Disney. I want to do a few more tours before I leave. They actually grow everything hydroponically for all their gardens at Epcot

Unfortunately, the level of explaination given to their science and technology exhibits is about a third grade level. The tour can jack that up to about junior high/high school. I don’t expect much more than that really, but it would be nice if they didn’t dumb everything down so far.

BTW, at Epcot they have “futureworld”. Guess what is totally lacking in “Futureworld”? Oh, the internet. There is NO internet anywhere other than overpriced ethernet in the hotel rooms, anywhere at Disney World.

I’ve been walking around with an eye for what I’d be doing on my trip. My camera is good for something which can fit into my pocket, but its not great overall. You’ll see some photos on Flickr that don’t look very Disney. That’s because I’m just trying to take photos as if I weren’t at Disney. I’ll be goofing around with Photoshop with some of them when I get back. I’ve shot some video, but the quality is very poor (its from my digital camera) and I can’t zoom or do anything once the video starts.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Magic Kingdom and MGM studios I think. Schools in Florida were out Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully it will be less busy.

By Gary

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