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Here is some more information on my trip:

  • I’m looking for a name for the travel website. Garaphernalia doesn’t cut it. Its going to be a seperate website and for the duration of the trip, this domain name will probably point to it. I’m going to change the web hosting service I use so I can get more bandwidth and host video. I’ll also have to find some software or modify MovableType. I really don’t anything too different than what MT has to offer. I’m open to suggestions for the name of the website.
  • I’ve begun looking at video and camera equipment. I need a camcorder which is of a low end professional quality, not the tiny jobs you can hold in your hand for recording childrens birthday parties. I will also need a better digital camera for still photos. I’ll probably also be taking some classes on photography and video editing.
  • In addition to the photography, I’m also going to get certified for SCUBA and get my extra class ham radio license. I’d like to take a small HF radio with me to talk to people, but I’ll have to research that more.
  • I will probably need a new laptop too. Mine is OK, but I’d like an integrated DVD drive and more storage. I need it to be about the same size as my current laptop.
  • Despite having just announced this, I’ve had several people willing to join me on some of the legs of the trip. I’m more than happy to have people travel with me whenever and wherever they can. Word of warning: I plan on traveling cheap and staying in cheap accomodations.
  • There is a business side to this venture. I’d like to be able to use the material I gather (video, photos, text) and be able to parlay that into more than just the website. I have no big plans in this area, but even if it could pay for all or part of the trip, that would be enough. If it doesn’t pan out….oh well. I got to go around the world.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.

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See, you’re not gonna make money off this just by telling people about your trip. You need hook! You need eye-catcha!

Now, if you can somehow wrangle a dyin’ kid into going with you, THEN write about it, you’re golden. People love dyin’ kids. I suggest you hook up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and see if you can work out a deal. I get 5% of the gross on the book, movie, and merchandising rights for coming up with it.

Sounds like a great adventure. Have you been to eastern europe? Leah and I went there a few years ago and thought it was great

Yo Gary,
I found your site a few years ago and check in once in a while — your world trip sounds awesome. Be sure to do Thailand and Cambodia if you haven’t already. The combination of cheap travel, ease of getting around, history, and beauty is hard to beat.

If you do a GPS/imaging combination, there are lots of great ways to share and display the info in travelogs. One I worked on a bit is (research project, so it is pretty rough). Just make sure your camera’s clock and GPS timestamping match exactly.

If you have the budget you should also consider doing a bunch of 360 degree IPIX panoramas from various points along your trip. The equipment is weighty, though. I don’t know if you are going point and shoot, Digital SLR, or both.

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