Life without the Internet is a life not worth living

Qwest can do nothing right. I’m not even joking. Here is the summary of my Journey with them so far.

1) I’ve all but abandoned my landline, but I do use it for my Direct TV. I’ve had no dial tone for about 3 months so my Tivo can’t dial out. I decided to just cancel my phone line and use Vonage. In the long run its cheaper. So I called Qwest and told them to a) cancel my phone line and b) subscribe me to their naked DSL service. That is where you get DSL but no phone line.

2) They said they would have to upgrade my service to some new standard they use. I’ve had DSL for about 5 years here. Ok. So I asked if I’ll notice any disruption in service. They said no. What they didn’t tell me was that I needed a new DSL router.

3) I call about my service and they tell me that I need a new router. OK. So they send it. It never shows up. I call and they tell me that UPS couldn’t find the address, which I think is total BS because they never had a problem in the past delivering me anything.

4) The only thing that has worked out in all of this is that my neighbors have an open wireless connection and I can get online via my laptop.

(reminder to self: secure wireless connection when new router arrives)

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.