Election Day

I avoid politics like I avoid cliches…….like the plague.

However, I think I can break that rule for an election day update.

  • I had to wait an hour this morning to vote in EP. There was an person outside the polling place. I thought it was odd, but they weren’t campaigning, so technically, its kosher I guess. They were just checking on people that registered through them. If MoveOn can be at a polling place and the Democrats can’t, then there is a good reason why you shouldn’t work via a political party. It also calls into question what the real difference is between a PAC and a political party. I applaud them on their organization actually. I’m amazed they even bothered with EP. The right has some catching up to do over the next four years.
  • I once again wasted my vote. I voted Libertarian. I can’t vote for Bush and wont vote for Kerry (or is it the other way around?). I also voted against all incumbant canidates that had opposition. It made my ballot pretty jumbled. I voted for a liberal Democrat for congress and some right wing Christians for judge. I have a consistant algorithim I use for voting. I don’t know if I’ll use it the next time I vote.
  • I hope for the following things to happen in this election: 1) Bush loses by a margin less than the what the Libertarian canidate gets, at least in a few important states. 2) Republicans keep control of congress and we get gridlock. 3) Kerry gets less than 50% of the vote, or better yet, he wins the electoral vote and loses the popular vote (sweet sweet irony).
  • I’m sick and fucking tired of people asking me if I’ve voted, or if I’m going to vote. I also feel sorry for people who are getting crap for voting for Nader. They seem to get more crap than I do. I’m a lost cause I guess, but they are heritics. Wars within religions can be more fierce than those between religions.

Maybe I’ll have some interesting statistical tidbits when the dust settles.

By Gary

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Wow, I thought I was the only one who voted against incumbents and hoped for gridlock. Well, not really, but it’s still interesting to hear someone else that came up with that strategy independently. Maybe it’s part of being disinfranchised by the two party system.

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