Election Wrap-Up

  • Its over. Bush won. Nothing is even close to being Florida 2000 close.
  • NONE of my hopes for this election came true. Bush became the first President since his dad in 1988 to get more than 50% of the vote. Ponder that for a while.
  • The economic models that came out before the election were damn close in predicting the percentage of the vote Bush would get. The fact is, the economy isn’t that bad in historical terms.
  • Who’s happy for this result on the democratic side? Hillary Clinton.
  • The exit polls, like in 2000, were not very accurate. Polls taken in the first few hours of the morning don’t mean jack.
  • The Democrats picked the wrong guy. Kerry might have been better than Lieberman or Gephart, but not as good as Edwards, Clark, or even Dean.
  • Like the Republicans in 96, hatred for Bush might have gotten in the way. Most Americans don’t hate Bush, even if they may disagree with some things.
  • I don’t think that undecided voters necessairly vote against the incumbant. Especially during a “war”. There is some security in the devil you know vs the devil you don’t.

By Gary

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2 replies on “Election Wrap-Up”

Although I thought kerry would eke out a win, in a way it’s kind of amazing kerry was so close, being such a weak candidate with a terrible campaign. Though I think the Bush campaign was pretty wrong, at least it was effective.

I think Gore would’ve won easily if he’d ran again though, with his staunch opposition to the war, successful centrist Clinton record, and being able to ride the enthusiasm of many democrats who thought he won last time, not to mention learning from his mistakes last time.

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