I got the No Net Blues

I’m writing this at the Old Chicago in Eden Prairie. I’m here because I thought they had wireless access. I need wireless access because my internet conection at home is down. My Internet connection at home is down because Qwest is an organization of fuck ups. They are fuck ups because they are a regulated monooploy with no competition. But I digress.

I all but abandoned by landline earlier this year for my cell phone. I still had it however because my DirectTV needs it to dial out. The last 4 months however, I’ve had no dial tone. None. To get it fixed will cost me money. I decided to kill the landline for good.

Two developments allowed me to do this. 1) Qwest began to offer ‘nekkid’ DSL service. You can get DSL without needing a dial tone anymore. 2) Vonage is dropped the price on their lowest plan to the same price as the cheapest line I could get from Qwest. Factor in all the services I get for free with Vonage I’d have to pay Qwest and arm and a leg for (Caller ID, voice mail, etc) and take out all the BS fees, surcharges, and taxes I have to pay for a phone, and Vonage was now a no brainer.

So, I’m getting VOIP.

However, in the process of changing my service, they (Qwest) didn’t tell me that I’d need a new DSL router. So after a 60 min cell phone call, I should have a new router (with built in 802.11b), improved DSL service, and a better, cheaper phone service.

Its just that for the next two days, I’m SOL as far at net access at home goes.

Oh, and Old Chicago doesn’t have internet access. Not in EP. And I have to submit my physics pre-lab tonight. And I lost my physics notebook. And I have a physics test on Friday.

By Gary

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