Learning something new every day

Now that my finals are done, I can write a bit more.

My study habits have changed considerably since college 1.0. For starters, I read ahead. This means that the lecture is just a rehash of what I already read, and I can ask more intelligent questions. This is probably old hat to some people, but its new for me. Second, I go out on the web and get info from other places. No matter what the subject, there is some other course at some other college that put its information up on the web in a pdf or in HTML that you can read.

One thing I’m doing for my physics class is watching lectures from the MIT Open Course site. They have a lot of courses with lecture notes and such, but a few have actual videos of the lectures. The intro physics and EM course is taught by Walter Lewin. They are actually fun to watch.

I used to say that anything not math or science could be learned by just reading the book. Now I’m not sure you can make that exception.

By Gary

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