Fat Albert, your like school in the summer………no class

If even a fraction of what I’ve written for this site actually ended up here, this would be worthwhile to read.

1) It was a week ago, but props to Mike Bietz who coached this years ToC champ, and of course props to my extemper Tim Hogan who was runner-up.

2) I finished my finals yesterday. There was one question on my math final that I spent most of the time of the test working on. I got the correct answer, but not the way I was supposed to. I’m sure I did well overall, I just need to find out what the curve for the class is.

3) I got a week off, then classes start again. I only have one class for three weeks, then two more start. Physics, differential equations, and biology.

4) The textbook industry is one of the biggest scams going.

By Gary

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