I am not dead

I just realized how long its been since I posted an update. I’ve actually written several, but none of them made the cut. Here’s what’s new:

  • I got a bitchen new cell phone. (do people still use that term)? Its a Samsung A620 and I switched over to Sprint. This phone is far more powerful than some PC’s I’ve owned. That is not an exaggeration. It has built in Internet access and a digital camera. I have a cable I got off of Ebay on the way that will let me get net access for my laptop via the phone at about 250k. The bandwidth isn’t metered either.
  • I also picked up the new Earthlink USB GPS from DeLorme. This is so much better than their old one its a joke. Their old GPS a) used a serial port, b) required 4 AAA batteries, and c) had no on/off switch. Once you put the batteries in, they would run till you took them out or they were dead. In addition to being smaller, lighter, USB, and less power hungry, it is also way more accurate. Its WAAS enabled. I can attach the GPS with a suction cup to the back of my Vaio and have a small, neat little GPS mapping tool.
  • I went to the McDonalds drive through the other day during the lunch hour. Rather than pulling up to the speaker, they had a guy outside with a wireless device walking up to the cars and taking orders. It was very slick and I enjoyed talking directly to a person, rather than through a speaker. It was also probably more efficient for McDonalds because the person taking orders didn’t also have to deal with money.
  • I got a new shower head. This isn’t usually a big deal, but its a cool shower head. Its a 8″ diameter head that drops the water straight down. Its great. Especially since my water pressure sucks.
  • I have a Mobile Weblog (moblog) set up at . Its not a real weblog, but just a place where photos taken from my phone will automatically appear. Because it has an RSS feed, eventually I’ll try to port them automatically to this site.

By Gary

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