Hey, I didn’t write the graduation requirments

In 30 minutes I have a test in Oceanography. I have not taken any notes, I only purchased the book a few hours ago, and didn’t even have access to the class website until an hour ago.

I am supremely confident going in.

Why? Becuase its a freshman course designed for people who are not going into science. Everything is pretty much stuff I’ve had before, often several times before.

Why am I taking it? Because I never took at 1000 level course before and you need so many departmental credits, of which 4 credits can be from a 1000 level course. As there aren’t really any 4 credit courses outside of 1000 level courses, I’m here. I’d much rather take something else, but rules are rules.

My lab TA is in 2 of my other courses.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.