I watched the NDT (National Debate Tournament) special on College Sports TV tonight. I’m glad they do a show on the NDT because it can provide a small glimpse to people who have never been in debate what it is about.

Debate was a huge part of my life for a long time, both as a debater and a coach. I know a lot of people that read this site were/are the same way.

Its something that I’m glad to be done with and miss all at the same time. It’s like a cruel girlfriend that you don’t want to leave.

If you have no exposure to academic debate, I’ll I can say is that if you can get your kids to do one thing when they’re in high school, get them to join the debate team. If possible, have them do policy debate. (and I hate to break this to the LD people, but policy is about 100x more intense and rewarding than LD can ever be).

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They don’t show full rounds. That would take forever.

They follow the progression of the tournament from round 1 to finals, follow the favorite teams, and interview people throughout the tournament.

There’s no difference between LD and Policy anymore. LD is policy-lite.

It has been over 25 years since I last was in a competitive debate round in college. After five years (2 in HS, 3 in College) I felt that debate was no just an adventure but an obsession. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I tried coaching for a few years but the conflicts (I’m not an educator) were too much. My daughter and wife were also both debaters and I had an intense relationship with my 2nd college debate partner that made the experience even better.

This past year I went back to the activity to judge a few college tournaments and it was suddenly like time had collapsed. I wish I could have seen the TV special but I do check in from time to time with I still miss the activity and feel it was the most important thing I have done “intellectually.”

I was in policy debate (yes, its the best) in Florida and Wisconsin. I still have wonderful memories and highly endorse this activity.

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