Culling The Twitter

I’ve massively cut down on the number of people I follow on Twitter. It was getting to be just too much noise. Following everyone who follows me just isn’t possible. I have created a bit of an ad hoc system of picking who to follow:

1) Do I know you? I don’t have to have met you in person, nor do you have to know me, but I should know who you are if I’m going to follow you. You could just be the author of a blog I follow. Even people who comment on my website, replied to one of my tweets, or have emailed me can make the cut. This is a pretty liberal standard.

2) Bots begone. If the Twitter account does nothing but send out updates and URL’s, its gone.

3) Do you have anything interesting to say? While I don’t want all URL’s, I also am not interested in nothing about “i’m going to the gym now”. You should have something interesting to say occasionally.

4) Have you used Twitter in a month? This shouldn’t be a big deal if all you care about it noise I guess, but I also don’t see why I should keep you on the follow list. It seems a lot of people got on the Twitter bandwagon and then jumped off right away.

I was following about as many people as were following me, around 500. I’m going to try to cut that to about 200.

By Gary

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2 replies on “Culling The Twitter”

Thanks for the bit advice about Twitter – I’ve just started using it, and, like you, have had to cut down on the number I follow – otherwise you just can’t keep up, or it takes up too much time.

Also, I think some people just use it to shove out the spam.

However, the beauty of it is that each post is only a limited number of letters, thus you can communicate with other people very concisely, without ending up having to engage in a long screed!

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