Keyword Analysis

From May 14 to May 20, I received 514 visits from search engines. Those 514 visits represented 358 different search terms.

I’ve been focusing on the term “travel blog” for SEO purposes because I really have no clue what other term to focus on. (My results for “travel blog” are getting better, but I don’t think they will ever be that good) I think my search engine results have increased as my content has increased, simply because there is more stuff to search.

I expect the search engine traffic to jump dramatically once my images are indexed on Google Image. There are fewer images than pages of text floating around the internet. I also need to step up doing more of the “seven wonder” posts. They get a lot of search engine traffic.

In addition to “travel blog” I’ve also started to put some emphasis on “travel photography” and “travel blog directory”. I do well in that last one, so that wont require a lot of work.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.