An update, shall we?

I think its time for an update. Given the anemic comments, I’m amazed at the number of people that read this site.

  • I had a biology test yesterday. I got an A. I have an A for the course pretty wrapped up I think. I just have to not totally bomb the final, which while its possible, shouldn’t be that likely. I have wiggle room. I think I can get a 76% on the final and still get an A for the course. The thing that I did the worst on in the course were dumb 3 point pre-lab quizes.
  • My last physics test was horrible. I didn’t study enough and assumed I knew the material better than I did. Thankfully, all is not lost. I did well on the first test and the tests are only 55% of the total grade, and there are 4 tests. Given the status of biology, I have to shift focus to physics now.
  • I’ve scored above the mean on all my differential equations classes, so I’m not too worried about passing.
  • I’m going to drop the cryptology/number theory course this fall. I’d like to take it, but I have other classes I have to fit in if I want to do everything I want. Efficency has to give way to desire.
  • I’m going to leave town for a week after this term is done. I have no clue where I’ll go other than “away”. Probably north. Just me, my computer, and books.
  • Navigating the University of Minnesota classes is a real pain. I’m astounded at what they DONT offer.
  • I’m going to Ikea tonight.

By Gary

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