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Another boring school entry. Here is my final class schedule for Fall 2004:

CHEM 1021 Chem Principles I Lab 6:00 – 8:50pm Th
CHEM 1021 Chem Principles I Lecture 6:00 – 9:00pm Tu

GEO 2201 Geodynamics I Lecture 1:25 – 2:15pm Tu Th
GEO 2201 Geodynamics I Lab 9:05 – 11:05am M

GEO 2301 Mineralogy Lab 9:05 – 11:05am W
GEO 2301 Mineralogy Lecture 2:30 – 3:20pm Tu Th

GEO 3202 Geodynamics II Discussion 9:05 – 11:00am F
GEO 3202 Geodynamics II Lecture 1:25 – 2:15pm M W

PHYS 1302 Physics II Lecture 12:20 – 1:10pm M Tu W F
PHYS 1302 Physics II Lab 9:05 – 11:00am Tu
PHYS 1302 Physics II Discussion 12:20 – 1:10pm Th

Those of you following at home may be asking yourself, “where’s the physics?” The physics program requires Physics I, II, III, and quantum to be taken sequentially. You really can’t do much until you have that sequence taken in order, and the quantum classes are only offered in the spring. So I have lots of non-physics openings in my schedule that I’m filling with geology. I should have most of a geology degree done by the time I get finished with the core physics stuff. Next semsester I probably wont take any physics just because I’m a semester out of step with the way the classes are being taught.

Next semester I’ll be taking some combination of: Chem II, Petrology, Earth History, some other geology course, and probably a biology course. I actually have a rough outline of the next four years done, but its way too long to post here.

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