Summer at the Center

In addition to schooling, I’ve been stopping by at the Center for Public Speaking camp this week to listen to speeches and lecture. I’ll be giving lectures on economics (micro and macro) as well as science and technology to the extempers.

It was another Tuesday and that means almost 10 straight hours of class. I had a test and a quiz in biology lab. So far so good in biology, but my last physics test did not go as well as I had hoped. I didn’t bomb it or anything, but I could have done much better.

I just finished the “Deep Hot Biosphere” by Thomas Gold. Its an interesting argument and if more data comes forward, it could be as big as contenintal drift was.

I’m enjoying differential equations more now. Vector spaces are more interesting than methods to solve equations.

I got a big Barry Bonds post at home I haven’t posted yet. Suffice to say, he’s having another crazy year. He has more intentional base on balls than he does hits. No on has ever even approached anything like that before in the history of baseball.

As is the norm for Tuesdays, I only had about 5 hours of sleep last night.

Oh yeah……………….Tim Sheaf.

By Gary

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