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Blue face doesn’t really get any reasons for what he says. Just makes assertions. When I claim site value should be de-linked from drops, he simply says “I disagree”. Ok….why? No reason is really given, he just disagrees. Likewise, when I say that tags should be used instead of categories, he says “Bad idea to remove the categories completely. Adding tags is a good add on, but it should not replace categories completely.” Why is it a bad idea? No reason is given.

I wrote a long reply, then realized I have something far more powerful: actual data.

  • Based on current Ebay prices, 1000 credits is going for around US$5. You can see buy it now auctions for US$7 for 1,000 credits and the actual bidding is less than that. We will use $5 = 1000ec as the conversion rate. (You can move that ratio around a lot and it wont change the outcome of the demonstration)
  • Entrecard and PW both sell the exact same inventory (125×125 ads) for the exact same length of time (1 day). Credit vs dollar comparisons will be very straight forward.
  • I searched for sites which carry both PW and Entrecard, or have Entrecard and independent sales of 125×125 ads. If independent, I used a per day basis (month/30):
Site EC Value Converted EC Price PW Price EC difference 522 $2.61 $0.10 2610% 482 $2.41 $0.09 2677% 537 $2.67 $0.10 2685% 214 $1.07 $0.04 2675% 253 $1.27 $16.67 7.6%

The lessons are simple:
1) assuming a site sells 125×125 ads for money and is on Entrecard, you are better off selling your credits on ebay and buying the ad on PW with cash. You come out ahead. We can quantify the amount by which the Entercard pricing system skews value: it is about 2600% for the top valued sites.

2) John Chow is losing $1000 a month by putting Entrecard on his site instead of 2 more 125×125 ads.

So of course Blue Face wants to keep the system. He is making out like a bandit.

By Gary

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When you link PW and Entrecard, you’re equating apples and oranges.

I think you’ll agree that chaindropping takes place with Entrecard. Chaindroppers are more likely to click on an Entrecard widget. The other day someone who advertised on my site received over 120 clicks. I’ve advertised on sites outside of Entrecard that get 10,000 hits/day for .30/day and have received 5 hits over three days. Now if you want to argue chaindropping clicks are not as valuable as regular clicks, I’ll listen to that argument.

Dear Gary “Stone Head”,

Actually, I did have a reason for the first disagreement, in fact it published in my post and in the EntreCard forums.

Why EntreCard Advertising Cost should be related to number of drops
1. The “Drop yours” button on the EntreCard Widget must be clicked, right?
2. While clicking the “Drop yours” button, what does the clicker sees?
3. The Advertiser’s Entrecard, ya?

So is it safe to assume that the more number of drops a site received, the more exposure that EntreCard widget has. (unless images are prevented from loading)

Having said that, please tell me why EntreCard Advertising Cost should not be related to number of drops?

Regarding the disagreement about the total complete removal of categories, I agree that I have failed to mention my reasoning behind the disagreement.

Perhaps I would mention the reason here now and update my original post. 🙂

The reason is really obvious and simple: I enjoy sitting at the top of the category that my site is in – Hobbies. Along side together with me on the same row are Arywen and Centaku, which I frequent their sites daily to check out for topics which interests me.

They might not drop back their card on me everyday, that is fine by me as I understand folks are probably busy with matters in the physical world.

Oh and Uncle Sam is currently bidding USD 0.20 for the Project Wonderful Ad Box directly next to my EntreCard while is bidding USD 0.30 for the Project Wonderful Ad Box buried in my footer.

Cheers! 🙂

Deimos “Blue Face” Tel`Arin (DTA) @

Too band I type a 2000 word response and your messed up comment system deemed it “not acceptable”. Good job wasting my time.

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