Q1 Goal Progress

  • Technorati Rank: I crushed this goal. I was aiming for the top 60,000. I’m currently in the top 30,000. I don’t really care about this metric anymore. After going over my Google Analytics data, I’m really focusing more on quality than quantity.
  • Top Site Mention: I was hoping for 3 mentions. I have zero. A month left to go and most of Feb. I’ve sat on my ass in Melbourne.
  • RSS Subscribers: I’m shooting for 350 and i’m at 262. It is possible, but it will be close.
  • Traffic: wanted 1,000 visitors a day. I’ll probably end up with 600-700. I can easily get 1,000 with traffic spikes, but not on a consistent basis. Oddly enough, my RSS numbers are increasing faster than my regular traffic. I think that is a good thing. It means my site is pretty sticky.
  • Podcasting: This should be off the ground soon.

A lot will depend on how I execute in the next month. I’m developing a better feel from sifting through the data for what people link to and read. I haven’t done a ton of that sort of stuff this month. I think the podcast will help traffic.

By Gary

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