2fer tuesday

– I’ve been listening to List of Demands by Saul Williams lately. I’ve had the mp3 on my computer from the big SXWS download earlier this year. There are so many songs in the collection (2gb) that its hard to listen to everything. I put the SXSW collection on shuffle a few days ago and this gem popped out. There are several artists I’ve found from this and I hope SXSW does this again for 2006. You can get the 2.6 gb 2005 collection via bittorrent from here.

– I’ve run into several people the last few days who were unaware of RSS. Some of them were people who are involved in technology as a profession. For those who don’t know what it is, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. If you look on my site, you’ll find a button that says RSS in the lower left column. If you click on it, you’ll see a bunch of confusing looking code. When you cut and paste the URL for that page into and RSS reader, it will go and grab the new article from my site when they get updated.

I’ve been using as of late. Its not perfect but it has several things going for it. 1) its online, so it will keep track of items I’ve already read from wherever I access it. 2) its free. I had been using Onfolio with Firefox as my RSS reader. Onfolio is made by the guys who made Cold Fusion, so I have a natural desire to see them do well. Its a good product. It is probably the best RSS reader out there. However, it costs $30 and it only works on one computer. Google reader is good enough and with the cost and online advantages, it makes it hard to beat.

*Update* When I read this very post in Google Reader, it put an audio control at the bottom of the page to play the mp3 I linked to above. Neat.

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Haven’t used bloglines, but google reader will process anything with an RSS feed, which is much more than just blogs.

Google Giving Onfolio A Run

Onfolio may have some pricing pressure from Google reader….

Yeah, Bloglines does that too – the name is misleading. I get rss feeds for comics, newspapers, etc.

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