What I did this weekend

Q: What is better than a straight guy getting a fashion makeover by 5 gay guys?

A: A straight guy getting a fashion makeover from 3 hotties.

On Saturday, I spend most of the afternoon with Haley and her two friends Kerri (left) and Emily (right). They went through my closet, took me to the MoA, and had a grand old time having me try stuff on and letting me buy it.

In the proess of buying me clothes, I threw away my sneakers that I’ve worn since 1997, and had strong pressure on me to throw away my old jeans which are 2 sizes too big for me. (which I have yet to do).

As it turns out, I have no clue what is “fashionable”. (well, I guess I knew that). Hence, the need to bring in professional help in fixing my wardrobe.

Even thought I might not have showed it at the time, I actually had fun, which might have been the first time in my life I had fun buying clothes. It was an experience to go from store to store with three women fussing over you and picking stuff out.

By Gary

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Um, pictures the “hotties” is all well and good, but we want to see you in your new clothes, dammit!

c’mon, Gary! Give the people what they want. Show ’em how much of a frickin’ hottie you are. Be bold- put one picture of yourself on this little bloggie blog.

Indeed. If you are to aspire to the browness, we need pics! Also, you need to show up to the OC this Friday for fun and partying. Call me for details.

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