Well. What do you know…

The Star Tribune recently redid their website….and they did a good job. They site appears to be built for Firefox and most amazingly, they have RSS feeds available. They also cut down on the number of articles you have to be registered to view.

I’m sort of stunned.

I don’t expect an old media outlet like this to be this on top of things. I expect disasters like the NYT who decided to put their columnists behind a pay to view service, thus rendering them non-existant in all internet debates. With ABC making some of their shows available on iTunes and NBC putting the nightly news up for download, they might slowly be getting it.

By Gary

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One reply on “Well. What do you know…”

I’ve always found the STrib to be one of the better organizations at grasping Net stuff. Their focus on usability has always been top notch and I’d put them and the Boston Globe ( up there at the top (I’m biased of course for having lived in both places).

STrib had a service I tried around 1994 that was kind of like the web as you see now. It installed from 1 floppy and was free for a few months (and didn’t seem BS like AOL). I enjoyed using it … then they started charging $$$ and the web took off.

Anyone remember the name of that thing?

(it’s interesting they think RSS is now ready for the masses although that box at the bottom of the home page doesn’t look too official … it might have just snuck through because they’ll save money on their AvantGo contract)

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