You know its time…

to update your site when all the old posts have expired.

I’ve actually written many updates, but for one reason or another, they never make it. I’ve even written updates as to why there are no updates. Rather than get into all of that, here’s whats new:

  • I got a new tomato clownfish for my aquarium. I have a tomato clownfish that has been in my tank for a few years and I thought I’d try to get a mated pair. After about two weeks, they seem to have taken to each other. (Actually, the older, larger female stopped chasing off the smaller male) The problem is thier host anenome swllowed half of a muscle and it had a hard time expelling it. The anenome is now shriveled up, but I think it will pull through.
  • Scott Kurtz was here last week. He left, got sick.
  • I’ve moved to a low carb diet this week. The first 48 hours really sucked, I think because my body was removing sugar and caffene. I haven’t had a diet coke since Sunday morning. I had a terrible headache all Monday and flu like symptions. On the plus side, I feel fine now and have dropped eight pounds.
  • I’ve ripped most of my classical music collection to MP3. Its more difficult to do than ripping normal CDs for several reasons: 1) More often than not, you aren’t going to have any information about the CD on CDDB. If there is something there, its probably wrong. 2) An “album” doesn’t have as much meaning in the world of classical music. There is a pretty strong division between those who write and those who perform. ‘Act Naturally’ by the Beatles would go in a Beatles directory, even though the song was written by Carl Perkins. Likewise, the ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ version by Elton John would go in an Elton John directory, not a Beatles directory. But if Yo Yo Ma performs something by Brhams, where do you put it? You would probably put in it a composer directory. But then you have CDs which are just hodge podge collections from different composers….and sometimes, the feature of a disc is the conductor, not the soloist. 3) Many times, only part of a piece will be recorded. Perhaps an overture or finale. I’ve been organizing it by composer and by work, which often means splitting up the tracks on a CD.
  • One thing I’ve always wondered about classical musics is why there is so much variation in the price of the CDs? The cheap one are really cheap. The expensive ones are very expensive. Most, but not all. of what you will find has had the copyright expire already. They should be cheaper across the board. Most expensive orchesteral works are recorded in one shot and don’t require weeks of studio time. They usually own the concert hall its performed in. Nadox CDs are $4.99, Deutche Gramaphone’s are sometimes over $20.

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