Work With Me 1-on-1 Before TBEX

I have an idea I was kicking around with Amy last week in Texas…

I’m thinking working with 5-10 people who would be willing to show up 2 days early to TBEX to work 1-on-1 or in small groups to improve their blog and their business.

This isn’t wouldn’t just be “make your blog better”. That will be a part of it, but the idea is to get bloggers to star thinking of their blog as a business and to start thinking beyond their blog.

The goal would be to have a plan of attack for the upcoming year which will include:

  • Creating marketing straetgy
  • Establishing traffic goals
  • Developing a monetization plan and goals
  • A plan to improve blog design and performance.

I can only do this with a small number of people, because everyone is going to have different things they are bringing to the table. Everyone’s plan is going to be different.

The cost would be $150 per person, which I think is pretty cheap. I’m not looking to make a fortune on this. It will cover my costs for the week, and that’s about it.

Once we are done, I’ll be checking in with everyone throughout the year.

I tried doing something like this last year, but working with a large number of people, from a long distance and at no cost, didn’t prove sustainable.

If you are interested, send me an email at [email protected].

By Gary

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