What A Long Tail You Have

Here is the break down of traffic to from Jan. 1 to Mar. 23.

  • Referring Sites – 67%
  • Direct Traffic – 19%
  • Search Engines – 14%

That is pretty interesting in and of itself. I have put more effort into link building than into anything else and it shows in where the traffic is coming from. What search engine efforts I have been making have been under the “Travel Blog” term. As you will see, that might be a waste of my time.

From 1/1 to 3/23 I have received 4,070 visits from search engines. Of the keywords used to find my site, three of the top for were variations of the domain name: “Everything-Everywhere”, “Everything Everywhere”, and “Everywhere Everything”. Those accounted for about 12% of all keywords. The remaining 88% were distributed over 2,681 keyword searches.

Here are the top 25 searches:

What are the lessons I should get from this?

1) Trying to focus on any keyword is a waste of time. The vast majority of searches came from thing I never planned on. There is no way anyone could or would focus on those keywords.

2) My bigger posts tend to do better, but not that much better. My Seven Wonders of the Philippines post did well among keywords, but not so well as make a big difference. As they are content most likely to get linked and get traffic from search engines, those are the type I should focus on.

3) Don’t worry about search engines. At only 14% of all my incoming traffic, it isn’t much to begin with, and with that spread out so far, it is hard to focus on anything. If I wanted more search engine traffic, I’m not even sure how or what I’d focus on. My best strategy is just to focus on link building and try to write good content. Let the search engines take care of itself.

By Gary

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