RSS Growth

As of today I have 313 RSS subscribers. Based on my growth patterns, I figure I’ve been growing at 2.3 subscribers per day since I’ve started promoting the site back in December.

Actually, that really isn’t an accurate reflection of where I am now. You can see more data for my RSS growth here.

In December, I gained a net 28 subscribers. In January I gained 47. February, 59. So far in March to date I’ve gained 75. The numbers are larger, but the percentage gain is probably increasing at a slight rate.

What is interesting is that since I’ve started promoting my site, I’ve had no mentions from any big site. If you look at the graph, you’ll notice two spikes back in June and October of 2007. Since December, the growth has been mostly organic and at a steady pace.

The biggest changes as far as I can tell have been making the RSS link prominent on the site, making it available to people who visit the site for the first time, and encouraging subscriptions in other forums I participate in. In fact, my rate of RSS growth has been greater than growth in page views and users on the site.

Compared to many sites, I think I do a good job in converting traffic to subscribers, but I can’t quantify it.

I think my goal for Q2 will be 700 RSS Subscribers.

By Gary

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