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I’m off to Washington Tomorrow for the CFL (Catholic Forensic League) Grand National Tournament. The irony of the tournament is: 1) Its not very Catholic (mostly public schools), 2) its not very national (mostly east coast and Midwest schools), and 3) its not very grand. I’ll be with the Apple Valley contingent, in particular, with our one extemper, Tim Hogan. (who, you might be interested to know won the State Tournament this year.)

I’ll probably stay in Washington a few days and try to get more National Park sites for my quest. I’ve been to Washington a bunch of times, and I’m still a total mark for all the history stuff thats on the Mall. You can easily blow a day in all the Smithsonian Museums and monuments.

I was pretty disappointed with the season finale of 24. What bothered me about it was all the ads the ran about how there was going to be some incredible plot twist that was going to change television forever. The entire episode was predictable, cept in the last 60 seconds, the President gets killed. I’d have preferred that they treat each 24 season as its own self contained story line and not have one season spill over into the next. Its supposed to be 24, not 48.

I’ve seen Matrix Reloaded twice now. I had to see it again just to catch the stuff I missed the first time. After the first watching, I thought that Zion was part of the Matrix. After the 2nd viewing, I am now convinced that it is not. I don’t think there is a definite answer that can be derived from the 2nd film, however. I liked their explaination for “the one”. The key to understanding the movie I believe isn’t so much in philosophy, but in programming. “The One” and Zion is nothing more than error handling.

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