I’m so pissed, I had dreams last night. Its been almost 24 hours and I’m still so pissed I’m shaking. I’m that pissed.

I aced my physics test……or so I thought. The test consists of 14 multiple choice questions and two word problems. Both of the word problems were similar to ones we did in discussion, so I was very confident on how I did on them. Well it turns out that one of the solutions our TA did in discussion was wrong, which means everyone in our discussion group got one of the problems wrong because we solved the discussion problem incorrectly.

I got everything right save for that problem. The err made in our discussion group wasn’t even that big of an error, and had we done it correctly, I’m sure no one would have made the same mistake on the test.

I have no problems if I screw up. That happened on the previous test where I didnt’ study enough. But I studied my ass off on this test and was working with incorrect information.

I got my last midterm back in DE. We get the best 4 of 5 recorded for our grade. Oddly enough, the one test where I was the highest above the mean is probably the one that will be dropped. I did the worst on that test, but everyone else did really bad.

By Gary

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Usually when that sort of thing happens, they cut you some slack by not counting the ‘bad’ problem. Your TA probably feels totally embarrassed right now.

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