25 or 6 to 6

I had a decision to make last night. Either study late or study early. I opted for early. I had my biology final last night, which I feel very confident about. I doubt if I got more than a few wrong. I have my DE final in 3.5 hours. My expectations for myself are low. All I have to do is pass the course and I got a 94% on the last test. The practice questions we had for the final are all pretty easy and just cover the basics of what we did in class. To quote myself, all I have to do is “suck less” than everyone else because the class is on a curve.

My lawn has automatic sprinkles that I have no control over. They go off at 3am and which I have my windows open, it sounds like a gunshot going off and usually does a good job of waking me up.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.