Two fer Tuesday

  • The transit of Venus was this morning. I got up to go to Hopkins to see it, saw the cloud cover, and went back to bed. Only an hour was visible in MN anyhow. Thanks to the internet, lots of live webcasts were available from around the world.
  • Tampa won the Stanley Cup. This is wrong. There should be no NHL teams in cities where it doesn’t snow. Phoenix, LA, Tampa, San Jose, etc. should all get the boot.
  • I like physics, but the labs are pretty stupid. When they say things fall at a certain rate, I’ll take their word for it. I took some exams from the MIT Open Course site and did well on them.
  • I’m starting biology and differential equations/linear algebra in a week. I’m taking the math class pass/fail because I already have credit for it because I took them at Macalester.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.