Trip Update

I think the solution to “how am I going to serve up video” for my trip website may have just been solved.

I’ve been asked by many people if my trip is still on. It is. I’m not going to start for at least a year, when I get done at the U. Till then, I’m going to plan and prepare. Selling the house is a big first step. Other smaller steps will be getting and idea for how I’m going to manage the technology, what I want to do for the website, etc.

I think I got a domain name and a site name nailed down. I haven’t reserved it yet so I’ll let you know what it is after I register it.

To give you an idea of some of the technology things I’m looking at, here is a video shot by Bietz using the Sony DSC-T1, the same camera I have. Its not what I’d use as a primary video camera, but it doesn’t suck either. Especially considering its designed to be a still camera.

One other item I’m looking at are lightweight laptops. I have a Sony currently, but I’m not sure its what I would want to take with me. Nothing I’ve seen so far has jumped out at me.

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It has come to mind. I’m not sure yet if I should pick a laptop and then the cameras, or the cameras and then the laptop. The only difference being if I go with Sony, there might be some benefits to having a whole Sony package.

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