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This post is a follow-up on my last one…

1) The domain name I reserved is I had to go with a hyphen because the non-hypen was taken. It was that or a .biz or .info.

2) I’ve been using the equipment list from as my starting point for what I need on my trip. I don’t know much about video cameras, but the one he used looks pretty big to lug around the world. I don’t know if you can get the same quality in a smaller package, though. I don’t think a floppy drive will be necessary. USB drives should be good enough.

3) I am thinking on taking two digital still cameras. One will be a small camera for everyday use. I think my current camera, Sony DSC-T1, is the camera for this. The still photos are pretty good and it does OK video. I’d like to take an SLR camera for high quality photos too.

4) My biggest unknown is the video. How/where I will edit, store, and shoot video is up in the air.

5) Laptop. I’d like a better version of my current laptop, a Sony SRX87P. Built in WiFi is a must, as is a DVD drive, which mine doesn’t have. Lighter the better. I don’t want to lug a lot of cables around either.

6) Web hosting. I think I probably have this taken care of. If Google doesn’t recind their video hosting, the heavy bandwidth part might be taken care of too.

7) Video editing. I will work under the assumption that I will have to do some editing on the road. If possible, it would be great to have someone back home who could polish and do a more professional job on the raw footage.

8) Communications. I’m assuming that most cities will have some sort of internet cafe or something. If not, I’m SOL. I will probably bring some sort of headset for VOIP calls. I’m also assuming that I can upload low quality video/audio from the road, but may have to send DVDs with higher quality stuff back to the US.

9) I’m debating if I should try to contact people regarding sponsorship before I start, or wait until the website is up with content. I could start the site before I go and document the prepartations. If I approached someone now, would I just come across as a loon?

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

By Gary

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Screams for a documentary, really — if you present it as such it won’t seem crazy. If you’re just some dude taking a trip, then it definitely sounds crazy, but if it becomes a media event — some way of generating “content” that people will be interested in (and you’ll need some kind of hook that makes this trip unique) then it won’t seem insane.

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