The year in film

I live very close to the Eden Prairie AMC 18, so its where I see the vast majority of my movies. I’m also a member of their movie watcher club which give you free crap the more movies you see. I was able to get the list of everything I’ve seen at the EP AMC for the last year.

 09-Oct-2004 07:55		Team America
  09-Oct-2004 01:00                Shark Tale
  08-Oct-2004 09:45		Friday Night Lights 
  06-Oct-2004 07:30		Ladder 49 
  02-Oct-2004 07:50		Wimbledon 
  26-Sep-2004 01:30		Shaun Of The Dead 
  25-Sep-2004 02:55		Mr. 3000 
  19-Sep-2004 02:55		Sky Captain & The World Of.... 
  15-Sep-2004 07:40		Evergreen (Eve) 
  11-Sep-2004 12:30		Thx-1138:George Lucas..(Dlp) 
  04-Sep-2004 01:00		Vanity Fair 
  29-Aug-2004 07:30		Napoleon Dynamite 
  27-Aug-2004 09:50		Suspect Zero 
  25-Aug-2004 09:55		Village,The 
  21-Aug-2004 02:35		Garden State 
  08-Aug-2004 05:10		Napoleon Dynamite 
  06-Aug-2004 07:20		Collateral 
  31-Jul-2004 07:30		Manchurian Candidate 
  30-Jul-2004 05:50		Harold & Kumar Go To White... 
  23-Jul-2004 04:50		Bourne Supremacy, The 
  18-Jul-2004 11:45		I,Robot
  09-Jul-2004 05:00		Anchorman 
  07-Jul-2004 07:30		King Arthur 
  03-Jul-2004 10:00		Spider-Man 2 
  01-Jul-2004 04:30		Spider-Man 2 
  26-Jun-2004 04:20		Fahrenheit 9/11 
  20-Jun-2004 01:50		Around The World In 80 Days 
  19-Jun-2004 11:00		Terminal,The 
  18-Jun-2004 07:00		Dodgeball:A True Underdog Story
  13-Jun-2004 12:00		Saved! 
  12-Jun-2004 11:15		Chronicles Of Riddick 
  05-Jun-2004 10:45		Harry Potter Prisoner Azkaban 
  01-Jun-2004 08:00		Day After Tomorrow,The 
  23-May-2004 12:50		Man On Fire 
  20-May-2004 11:00		Shrek 2 
  14-May-2004 01:00		Troy 
  09-May-2004 07:15		Van Helsing 
  08-May-2004 12:00		Mean Girls 
  17-Apr-2004 09:30		Kill Bill Vol.2 
  11-Apr-2004 07:25		Hellboy
  03-Apr-2004 02:55		Ladykillers,The 
  27-Mar-2004 12:05		Eternal Sunshine Of The... 
  05-Mar-2004 05:30		Starsky & Hutch 
  14-Feb-2004 09:50		50 First Dates 
  08-Feb-2004 12:30		Lord of the Ring: Return of the King
  04-Jan-2004 07:00		Cold Mountain 
  01-Jan-2004 07:00		House Of Sand And Fog 
  16-Nov-2003 02:30		Looney Tunes:Back In Action 
  14-Nov-2003 12:15		Master And Commander,The 
  13-Nov-2003 04:05		Runaway Jury, The 
  09-Nov-2003 07:25		Love Actually 
  07-Nov-2003 10:00		Elf 
  06-Nov-2003 11:45		Matrix Revolutions
  30-Oct-2003 09:35		Intolerable Cruelty 
  17-Oct-2003 05:00		Mystic River

There were probably another dozen or so that I saw in Appleton or at the Landmark theaters.

By Gary

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2 replies on “The year in film”

Gary saw Elf and Matrix Revolutions with ME!
The conversation we had on the way out of Matrix is still crystal clear in my brain.

me: “If you knew that you had a weapon that could wipe out your enemy 100%…”
Gary: “I’d have them everywhere. I’d have small ones in my backpack. I’d have one every 10 feet. That trashcan over there would be an EMP.”

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