The night we salute oscar

I had a party for Pete last night at my house. I don’t drink much, and it doesn’t take too much to make me drink too much. I felt just awful today. Part of the problem was I had next to nothing to eat yesterday and today, which I’m sure compounded the problem.

If you happen to read this while the Oscars are on, check out James Berardinelli’s running commentary of the show.

Of the best picture nominations, the only one I haven’t seen is Seabiscut, but its out on DVD already, so I might pick it up. There are several movies that had nominated performances that I’d still like to see: 21 Grams, In America, The Cooler, Monster, City of God, and Girl With The Pearl Earring. My movie going usually goes in spurts, so I should try to start another spurt soon.

You may notice that I have Chicago crossed off the Best Picture DVDs list below. I got it this week and finally got around to watching it. It was pretty good, but not as good as the Pianist, which should have won last year.

By Gary

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