Summer Book Club

You will notice a section to the right that lists a few books. Its a tool from that lets you track books your reading online. The problem is, the tool is pretty crappy and I really don’t like the layout. Xanga has a nice built in feature, but I have no desire to abandon my domain name and start another cookie cutter blog. If anyone has some suggestions for a better tool, I’d love to hear it.

I have a huge backlog of reading I have to do. One book I’ve been wanting to read for a long time, and have finally gotten around to buying it, is The Deep Hot Earth, by Thomas Gold. His thesis (actually, it was first thought of in Russia) is pretty simple: fossil fuels are in fact not fuel made from fossils. Petroleum has been around since the creation of the earth and its why we haven’t run out of it. Oil field get replenished from reserves further below.

I’ll reserve judgement till I’ve read more about it, but its an intutively appealing idea that explains a lot of things: why haven’t we run out of oil?, why do we find helium in petrolium?, why did they find oil when they drilled in solid granite in Sweeden? More than just the abiogenic theory of petroleum creation, he also believes that there is a lot of life below the surface of the earth. He estimates that the total mass of microbial life below the surface is greater than that above it. The life that lives deep in the cracks of the earth use organic compounds (like oil) as food and may be where life on earth originated.

Also, I think I need to write a new Barry Bonds update soon. I also have to write up a thing on ethnomathematics that my friend Sean sent me.

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Their system only lets you do one thing at a time, which is even more of a pain. Its funny because I’ve seen other sites use the Amazon database, but themselves don’t have tool you can use.

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