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1) I found a bunch of photos from my travels I didn’t have up on Flickr. They are now up. I don’t know why but they were up on the kodak photo site, which I think used to be (which in a brilliant branding move ~not~ was changed to Kodak Galllery).

2) You can read the comment from Nate and Bietz regarding my previous post on Myspace. I got an account last night and went randomly searching profiles of kids from the Twin Cities and Appleton. What I noticed is that hardly anyone is overweight, everyone is good looking, has photos and all the comments seem totally generic. Most of the profiles seem generic too with nothing specific about any places or events. Most of the comments people would leave were the type you’d get in a spam mail that was trying to trick you into thinking it was from a friend. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

Also, while I don’t doubt that many high school kids are on myspace, the number shouldn’t overwhelm the number of college kids, the vast majority I’ve noticed use Facebook.

3) I finally found a desktop weather application I like. Weatherpulse. No ads, no garbage, stable and free. Temperature is sitting right there on my toolbar.

4) I mentioned a long time ago that one of my favorite pieces of software is a product called World Watch. Its a simple little app that is a software version of a geochron. World Watch hasn’t been updated in a looong time and I’m now looking for an alternative. So far, I’ve found Sun Clock, which is OK. I’ve always felt that there was huge potential in an application like this. There is lots of free data now available online which uses lat/long data where you could use a map like this as a front end.

I think this would make for a great open source project. Weather maps and other geo data is freely available. I’m sure you could even tie in Google maps and satellite images somehow. Your just taking data in a standard format (lat/long) and plotting it on a map with set coordinates. Creating a standard interface for accessing geographic data would be extrememly useful.

By Gary

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