Spooky action close up

So I installed this new theme for wordpress and when I was at school looking at my website, I noticed that I had color along the right column where the links are. I didn’t notice color on my computer at home. The right hand column was totally white.

I start playing with my computer and noticed that I can see the images and the color when I looked at the page on my 2nd monitor (LCD) but not my main monitor (CRT). I monkeyed with the brightness and contrast and nothing. Then I went into the video card settings and monkeyed with the brightness and contrast and finally got it to work.

If you don’t see a green square to the left of the title for this post, it seems that the contrast on your computer isn’t set correctly. There was literally a point where once the contrast crossed it, it would appear. Really weird. It wasn’t a browser issue as I had the same problem with IE, Firefox, and Flock.

Oddly enough, now everything looks better on my computer. I didn’t have anything to reference before to know what the settings should be. I had my brightness turned up too high the entire time.

By Gary

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