You will notice up above I’ve added a banner image which lists the last three songs I’ve played on iTunes. Its not exactly what I want, but its close and it seems to work.

It is hooked up via an iTunes plugin that sends my music to The problem I’ve had with this in the past is if you listen to an album or an artist and let it play while your gone, you wind up with that one artist massively over represented in the music you listen to.

If you look at what it has listed for me, Queen is listed pretty high. Way too high. I like Queen, but not as much as it would indicate.

What I’ve done the last few days is let iTunes play on random while I’m away from home from my entire music collection. Its sort of fun to go to my site and see what the last songs played have been when I’m not there to listen.

Like 5 years ago I had a shoutcast stream running out of my house that I could listen to wherever I was. I should do that again, I’m just not sure how to do it when you have DSL running using NAT.

On a somewhat related note, there is a sort of release party for the new Philip Glass CD in Minneapolis on Tuesday at the Caterpillar Lounge on Nicollett. I’m thinking of going.

By Gary

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