Old Chicago

I’m writing this at the bar at the Apple Valley Old Chicago. They have free 802.11b access, which rocks. Everyone looks at my laptop and says “wow. its small!”…………story of my life.

Cherian is sitting here and we got a weblog up and running for the Center for Public Speaking. its has quickly become the #1 extemp camp in the country. This year they are doing the full slate of IE events as well as extemp. I’m a “guest lecturer”.

Drinking while updating your weblog is a good thing. I’m having a “Sour Caesar” (see the archives for a discription).

I’m pretty pleased at the progress the extempers are making at Apple Valley. We aren’t burning up the circuit yet, but we are making really good progress. I hope the situation will be very different come April. (Assuming dumb fuck kids don’t take off in the middle of practice and never come back because they think I’ve some goddam pushover)

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.

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Your not a pushover, just…a demanding SOB who one of these days IM NOT gonna get your sick twisted Diet Coke…Zach on the other hand….


I agree with Mr. Dintenfass. I also agree that Old Chicago in Apple Valley has decent drinks. Much better than Perkins.

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